Real Estate HelpThis is the source for information from Starting your Search for a home or real estate to home inspection, mortgages, finding and Attorney to close on the property (plus other legal advice) and keeping your property protected with insurance placement.

For more than 20 years we have been recommending business that have expertise in all things related to your real estate purchase. Our new directory is under construction but will be ready soon.  Plans are for it to be more complete and full of real estate service related businesses – not just home inspectors!

It is our hope that we can recommend some of your areas top preforming business and services. From a hands-on education and training to advice on how to choose a Real Estate Agent… we have it.

Our Consultants have been there to help property owners and buyers find real and potential problems and enjoy peace of mind in home ownership.

Our professional staff has the expertise to give you the recommendations that have helped prospective home buyers avoid costly mishaps and incidences and even helped them stay our to the courtroom. Let us be your source for the information before you have potential problems — we can give you the advice and guidance you need to solve them.