Don’t let Your Real Estate Attorney Handle Your Divorce!

Find Divorce AttorneyYes, it happens to reportedly from 40 to 50% of us that are married!  At some point we need a family law attorney and your real estate attorney is probably not a good choice for advice. You might find a number of ways of finding a divorce attorney, but finding a competent attorney, whom you can trust with all legal issues, can be a little difficult. In order to find a divorce lawyer that you feel comfortable with, you must have some understanding about the qualities of an experienced, competent divorce attorney.

Here is a quick look at some of the things to look for when choosing a divorce attorney brought to you by our friends at, visit them when looking for a Charleston divorce lawyer:

He or She Should Be an Expert in Divorce Law

You can’t depend on a general lawyer for handling your divorce related problems. You have to consider a lawyer’s specialization when relying on referrals and online resources for attorney hint. Every attorney with sound academic qualifications is not necessarily competent in all areas of law. For example, if you are looking for a lawyer for child support, make sure that the lawyer you chose offers the services that you need.

Good Communication Skills

A divorce attorney must have good communications skills. Divorce law services also include counseling services and legal advisory. You might need to find a lawyer for expert advice on matters related to child support, alimony, property distribution, divorce etc. But if the attorney doesn’t have good communication skills and can’t make you understand his/her point, he/she can’t help you. So don’t completely depend on online resources and referrals for hiring a divorce lawyer. Meet the lawyer in person to make sure you’re satisfied with his/her professional skills and can communicate with him/her comfortably.


An experienced lawyer not only handles all the legal issues strategically but you can also depend on him or her for legal advice and counseling. Therefore experience is a vital factor you must consider when hiring a divorce lawyer. A lawyer can’t learn practical aspects of family just by having a degree alone. A hand on experience is very vital to understand several aspects of divorce law and keep track of changing divorce laws. So make sure that the lawyer you choose has experience in handling divorce and child custody cases.

Your Happiness is Important

It is very vital that you have a good relationship with your lawyer. Nothing is more valuable than your satisfaction and comfort. You might come across a number of attorneys with remarkably good professional skills, but they treat folks just like files and don’t understand their emotional stress. Therefore, it’s advisable to hire an attorney who puts in effort to help you cope with the emotional and mental stress of divorce.